Mali’s opposition group led by Imam Mahmoud Dicko has warned the country’s new military rulers not to play politics with agreements entered with it over transition and other matters.

“I have asked everyone to come together for Mali. I am still asking this, but that does not mean the military has a carte blanche,” Dicko told supporters.

“We will not give a blank cheque to anyone to run this country, that’s over,” he said.

Military commanders who toppled President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita in a coup on August 18 have granted their chief the powers of head of state, but West African leaders are demanding an immediate transition to civilian rule and elections within 12 months.

Dicko has said a “radical change of governance” is needed in Mali.

“We led the fight,” he said on Friday. “People have died and the soldiers who have completed (this fight) must keep their word,” he stated.


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