Close to 1,000 frontline healthcare workers are reported to have died of Covid-19, according to an interactive database unveiled today Tuesday.

The data put together by the Guardian, KHN and journalism schools is the most comprehensive accounting of US healthcare workers’ deaths in the country.

Report stated that as coronavirus cases surge – and dire shortages of lifesaving protective gear such as N-95 masks, gowns and gloves persist – the nation’s healthcare workers are again facing life-threatening conditions in southern and western states.

Through crowd sourcing and reports from colleagues, social media, online obituaries, workers’ unions and local media, Lost on the Frontline reporters have identified 922 healthcare workers who reportedly died of Covid-19.

Earlier reports had it that a team of more than 50 journalists from the Guardian, KHN and journalism schools have spent months investigating individual deaths to make certain they died from Covid-19, and that they were indeed working on the frontlines in contact with Covid patients or working in places where they were being treated. The reporters have also been investigating the circumstances of their deaths, including their access to PPE, and tracking down family members, co-workers, union representatives and employers to comment about their deaths.


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