‌The mental laziness of Nigerian leadership is responsible for the current economic woes facing the country.

The Secretary-General of the Yoruba Council of Elders, Dr Kunle Olajide who stated this on Saturday, said the inability of the political leadership of the country to look inward for ways to generate revenue is responsible for plunging Nigeria into huge debts.

In an interview with the Punch, Olajide Condemned the Federal Government’s penchant for borrowing, adding that the present administration led by President Muhammadu Buhari, has no reputation for fund management including loans and should stop borrowing.

“This is not healthy for our economy. For obvious reasons that you and I know, our government, including the present one, has no reputation for fund management. In the last six or nine months, we have had sufficient revelations in the National Assembly from ministries, departments and agencies; there is no visible way of tracing how funds allocated to these MDAs are spent.”

“If you look through the country, you will see that we have abundant natural resources that can be tapped to raise any amount that we require to build infrastructure and put some other things in place. We have bitumen, gold and many others. We have fertile land to grow different crops, process them and through that we can feed the whole of Africa. Even the crude oil, we are not adding value to it,” he was quoted to have said.


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