US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo formally notified the United Nations of his country’s demand to reinstate global sanctions against Iran and slammed European allies who oppose the move, accusing them of a failure to lead and appeasing the Iranian regime.

Pompeo traveled to New York Thursday to hand-deliver a letter to the president of the UN Security Council that says Iran isn’t complying with its obligations under the 2015 nuclear deal “despite extensive efforts and exhaustive diplomacy” by the U.S. and other member states. The move was also aimed at keeping in place a 13-year-old arms embargo that’s set to expire in October.

Earlier reports on the matter say that the U.S. contends that the notification starts a 31-day clock that will end with the council required to “snap back” sanctions on Iran. It puts the administration on a collision course with other world powers who say the U.S. doesn’t have the standing to invoke the sanctions provision because President Donald Trump quit the nuclear deal two years ago.

“In the end they provided no alternatives, no options,” Pompeo said of America’s European allies, adding that they “chose to side with the ayatollahs” and put their own citizens at risk. “America won’t join in this failure of leadership. America will not appease, America will lead.”


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