His name is Tope Oladiran. He is 40 years old and said to be a wandering armed robber who specializes in snatching laptops and phones from residents. He also goes about robbing people in their houses especially women.

He was caught in Ondo State by Zone 2 Police men on account of a number of robberies.

According to DSP Hauwa Idris Adamu, Police Public Relations Officer for Zone 2 Command, Tope’s last job was in the home of a widow at Ori-Okuta, Agric, Ikorodu.

He was said to have broken the woman’s door to gain entrance, frightened her and her children with gun, prepared himself a meal and after eating wanted to rape her in the presence of her kids.

The police recounted what happened- “He was unable to rob the woman of her mobile phone before she went into her compound but he somehow got to know that the woman lived alone with her two children.

“He waited till later in the night, when he scaled the fence and entered the woman’s house after breaking the kitchen door. He hit the victim who pleaded for her life and that of her children and offered her gadgets for him to leave them alone.

“He threatened to wipe out the family if they raised an alarm. He proceeded to the kitchen to prepare a sumptuous meal, ate to his satisfaction, and ordered the victim to prepare for a romp.

“The victim, who preferred death than to be abused in front of her children, ran and jumped down from her one-story apartment and called for help. Fortunately, the alarm attracted the neighbours and they were able to apprehend Tope,” the police stated.


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