A student of Alvin High School, Texas, United States, Tobechukwu Phillips has emerged as the first Black valedictorian in the school’s history and boasted a 6.9 GPA and earning A’s throughout her stay in the institution.

The school which was established in 1894 allowed African-American students to join in 1965.

While speaking at the “Because of Them We Can,” programme, Tochukwu said- “Maintaining the highest GPA in my class is a difficult task. It truly takes time management but more importantly acknowledging what you do it for. I know that I am no longer just representing myself.”

To other students, she said- “My biggest advice to other scholars of colour is to truly adopt the mindset of Rosa Parks — ‘No.’ Do not conform to the stereotypes that have held us under thumbs for so long.

“Do not be discouraged when someone speaks out against you simply allow what they say to fuel your fire. But more than anything, do not remain tight-lipped. Stand up for what you believe in and take it upon yourself to be the change you’ve always wanted. Say ‘No’ to the ways of the world and stick out.”


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