Chief Mrs. Oyelola Elebuibon is the Coordinator of Peers of Heaven society. She was seen in a video speaking on her religious group, how she acquired powers and other spiritual matters.

“I am the Coordinator of Peers of Heaven’ society, (Egbe Emere onitesiwaju) not witches and wizards as misrepresented in the media. Literarily, it means society of heaven. Everyone belongs to one heavenly society or the other. Traditionally, everyone on earth has his spiritual being in heaven working with the physical being to achieve his destiny on earth. Some people can hear what others can’t hear, while others just don’t hear things alone but can see vision others cannot see. Simply put, being an ’emere’ simply means having supernatural abilities.

“In Yoruba traditional belief, it is the Obatala that molded the human and shared destiny, so the Ori (spiritual being) and the physical being can hardly be separated, some people are more successful than others because of the power of their spiritual being. In all, having an understanding of one depend on how much you maintain the relationship between the spiritual and physical being.

“This peer of heaven are in different forms, we have the Abiku, (children that die at a tender age) and come back to life severally. We have the genius, who can do extraordinary things. There was a time if a man discovered that his wife is an emere, he runs away from her, even an emere child run the risk of being abandoned, hence, this society is to enlighten the public on harnessing the positive energy of the emere for development as it is practice in the developed part of the world. We are also teaching our members how to use their power for development rather than using it negatively.

“My father died at a very tender age but I know his parents and my mother. But I discovered that my paternal grandmother used to treat me with special affection to the knowledge of other children. They consulted the Oracle to know of my abilities.

“And I remembered when my father died, due to my what I do say they consulted priest and whenever they come back I reveal their intentions and mother burst into tears a day, I was also afraid but my grandmother began to train me to control my abilities and when I married Araba Ifayemi Elebuibon, I got initiated into different Orosa, so I began to understand the taboos and Ifa began to guide me as well as people around me. My grandmother was my first mentor, being an Osun devotee. She exposed me to the rituals from a tender age and was always eager to see me understand the ways deeply.

“Aside from my husband another person that was prominent to who I am now is one Mama Osunyita, who watches and guides me through so many things. She keeps taps of things I said even during jokes because it will later manifest. Having discovered me, I began to watch my associates and also tell them about their abilities, as well as the need to form an association and mostly what we do is lectures and prayers. People now send prayer requests, we also pray for the state and the nation, especially with the outbreak of coronavirus. And to the glory of God people come back for thanksgivings,” she said.


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