Afghanistan vice president Amrullah Saleh today escaped death by whiskers after a bomb targeting his convoy killed at least 10 people in Kabul.
Within hours of the blast, Saleh appeared in a video with his left hand bandaged, vowing to fight on and apologised to those killed by the blast meant for him.
“We will continue our fight, and I am always at the service of our people,” said Saleh, cutting a familiar image of defiance.
The senior of Afghanistan’s two vice presidents, Saleh, 47, also survived an assassination attempt last year ahead of presidential elections.
His life has been forged by the decades of war that have engulfed Afghanistan since the late 1970s.
Orphaned young, Saleh fought alongside the famed guerilla commander Ahmed Shah Massoud in the 1990s against the Soviet-backed government in Kabul.
He later served in the mujahideen government before he was chased out of Kabul by the Taliban, who later tortured his sister in their efforts to hunt him down.
“My view of the Taliban changed forever because of what happened in 1996, and I haven’t seen or heard anything to make me believe they have truly changed their ways,” Saleh wrote in February in Time magazine, a day before the US and Taliban signed a withdrawal deal.


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