…See full list of those going down

In the midst of the harsh economic realities brought by covid-19 pandemic, thousands of residents of the Federal Capital Territory, FCT, would soon be rendered homeless if due to plan by the authorities to demolish some estates.

African Leadership News has stumbled on a document containing names of 37 estates that have been slated for demolition by the Development Control Department of the Abuja Metropolitan Management Council, AMAC

Check below if where you live is affected by the coming destruction:

Estates marked for demolition and their locations

  1. Ejima Group Estate (Kyami)
    2 Minnanuel Estate (Kyami)
    3. Redwood/Bidmusdruhill (Kyami)
    4. Joafra (Kyami)
    5. Efficacy Home (Kyami)
    6.BGB Golden Tulip Estate (Kyami)
    7. Isvin Estate (Kyami)
    8.The Light City Estate (Kyami)
    9.Greenland Estate (Kyami)
    10. Matovinco Estate (Kyami)
    11. Gosa Estate (Kyami)
    12.Okun Estate (Kyami)
    13.Stone Mountain Homes (Pykassa)
    14.Lento Estate (Pykassa)
    15. RCCG Estate (Site A,B,C & D) (Pykassa)
    16. Rainbow Estate (Pykassa)
    17. Annes Vile Estate (Pykassa)
    18. Gold City Estate (Pykassa)
    19. Krizta Court 1 Residential (Pykassa)
    20. Goshen Estate 1 & 2 (Pykassa)
    21. M/S Ray Inter Link Services (Lugbe CRD)
    22. Good Heart Group Estate (Lugbe CRD)
    23. Osilama Estate (Lugbe CRD)
    24.NEPA Cooperative Estate (Lugbe CRD)
    25. Trade More Estate (Sabon Lugbe)
    26. Doctors’ Court Estate (Sabon Lugbe)
    27. Royal Estate (Sabon Lugbe)
    28. Civil Defence/Defenders Estate (Sabon Lugbe)
    29. Rissun Luxury Estate (Sabon Lugbe)
    30. Maziyagbe & Ozo Estate (Sabon Lugbe)
    31. Pent House Estate (Sabon Lugbe)
    32. Weather Field Estate (Sabon Lugbe)
    33. Andican Herbon/Delta Estate (Sabon Lugbe)
    34. Ese Global (Kyami)
    35. Detahah Estate (Kyami)
    36. Jinsolve Estate (Kyami)
    37. Growth Insight (Kyami)


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