One customer of Guaranty Trust Bank, GTB, has narrated an ugly experience at a branch of the bank, saying they lined under the sun for hours with a care by the managers of the financial institution.

According to the story, earlier published by the Punch, the customer said the experience was enough to stop her from ever going GTB again for any transaction.

“I have been a customer for the past six years although I don’t frequent there. I haven’t bank with them for some years now. But due to some business issues, I decided to visit them today. The experience I had today, I don’t even wish my worst enemy to face such.

“I got to the bank about some minutes past 10am, I and other customers stood in queue under the sun waiting for our turn to enter the gate ( Even the requirement to enter the gate of heaven is not as this). There was no canopy to shed us from the direct heat of the sun let alone chair to sit. The security men at the entrance didn’t help matters. They were just using us to catch fun. No sympathy, they were acting as if we are less humans than they are (on top our money). After waiting in the queue for 2 hours, some persons were led into the bank compound. Luckily I was among the third batch.

“Those that sell nose mask had a field day today because those that didn’t put on nose mask after entering inside the compound were sent out of the compound to buy one.

“When I finally got into the banking hall, I spent another one hour on queue trying to get to the customer care service. Gosh… some of them were so rude it’s obvious they didn’t know we have spent hours under the sun trying to come inside.

“To cut the whole matter short, after standing in a queue for more than one hour, one security personnel from nowhere decided that the queue wasn’t okay-Just when I was three steps to achieving my aim.

“The whole ordeal was so frustrating. I couldn’t stay anymore. I couldn’t imagine myself starting from the first step. I had to rush home to meet up an appointment. I left the bank about some minutes past 3pm. I spent more than 4 hours in vain.

“Why am saying all these is that, these pandemic has really dealt with us. But please banks should take it kindly on customers it’s not our fault that covid-19 came. In their efforts to counter the spread of the virus by taking necessary precautions, they should realise that they are dealing with humans and should do their best to ensure that their customers feel a little comfortable. I know some Banks are trying but not GT Bank.

“GT Bank really has to improve on their customer care services. The gate to heaven is narrow, but the gate to GT bank is more narrow.

“They left us under the sun with no canopy let alone chair and shut the gate of the bank against us, no shed to hid in the sun. God will help us.”

The victim was said to have refused to give her name because of her deposit in the bank, fearing she might be victimsed, even though she posted photos of th encounter


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