At a time governments of other nations across the world are crafting and implementing policies aimed at cushioning the devastating effects of covid9 pandemic which has rendered people financially incapacitated, the Nigerian government has again added to the woes of its citizens by increasing electricity tariff by almost 100 percent.

The government had in recent times increased pump price of petroleum products bank lending rate to 30 percent, among other heartless policies.

The above is in addition of the skyrocketing prices of foodstuff and other items in the country’s market.

The increase in electricity tariff was approved by the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission has approved an increase in electricity tariff which has taken effect from yesterday, September 1, 2020.

In the new development, electricity customers, except those receiving less than 12 hours of supply, are to pay more as it is based on the hours of electricity supply available to the customers.

It categorised consumers into maximum demand and non-maximum demand customers, as against the previous categories of residential, commercial and industrial customers, with different bands (A to E) depending on the level of supply.


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