Police Monday evening engaged some criminal elements in a shootout as bandits attacked a trail moving from Kaduna to Abuja.

Witnesses said the criminals barricaded the rail track in a bid to stop the train and rob passengers.

They were said to have shot repeatedly toward the driver of the train, but could not get at him due to the bullet proof glass protecting him.

This led to the policemen on board the train to engage the bandits in a shootout.

The Chairman of Federal Capital Territory, FCT, chapter of the National Union of Journalist, NUJ, Emmanuel Ogbeche made the disclosure in a Facebook post.

It reads, “Train from Kaduna was attacked a few minutes ago by armed bandits who barricaded the tracks and fired repeatedly at the engine driver who luckily was protected by the bullet proof glass.

“Policemen on board exchanged fire with the bandits, allowing passengers and crew to get out and clear the tracks,’ the post quoted an eyewitness as saying.


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