Two people have been wounded in a knife attack near the former Charlie Hebdo offices, Paris police said on Friday.

A police official said officers had arrested a suspect near the Bastille plaza in the centre of Paris, adding that the area has been cordoned off.

Rue Nicolas-Appert, the street on which the satirical magazine was formerly based, has been cordoned off.

A package was found at the scene which police said was checked for explosives but none were found.

Paris police have told the public to avoid the area and await further instructions.

Thousands of children in nearby schools have been locked down as a precaution while the Paris metro closed lines in the area, local media reports.

Jean Castex, France’s prime minister, said he had met with the country’s Minister for the Interior to “take stock of the situation”.

Police initially reported four people had been injured in the stabbings and two assailants were on the run but they have since revised the figures downwards with no explanation given.




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