For directing his ministers and other appointees of his administration to ‘go for the offensive’ in defending his policies and programmers, the main opposition, Peoples Democratic Party, PDP has accused President Muhammadu Buhari of encouraging and promoting fake news in order to deceive Nigerians.

The PDP said it was shocked that Buhari directed his aides and appointees to launch offensive against patriotic citizens who are genuinely crying out under the burden of economic hardship foisted on them by his insensitive, clueless, deceptive and extremely corrupt administration.

The party therefore asserted that such directive in a ministerial retreat which ought to be a problem-solving forum was symptomatic of an administration that has become overwhelmed by the reality of its own failures and now seeking desperate measures to suppress the voice of the people.

A statement signed by PDP National Publicity Secretary,
Kola Ologbondiyan said the party’s position on the matter is that it was an anti-people stance and therefore amounts to a huge betrayal by Mr. President, who, before his elections, promised Nigerians an Eldorado, only to now turn around to label their cries and demands for good governance, security and basic necessities of life, particularly at the time they are agitating for reduction in the cost of fuel and electricity, as “irresponsible and politically motivated”.

“This is an unpardonable spat on the face of suffering Nigerians. We ask; by directing his ministers to “go on the offensive”, is Mr. President drawing a battle line between his government and Nigerians, who have been subjected to a life of misery in the last five years?

“Our Party holds that it is only a failed leadership that will resort to such aggressive stance, which also shows that the APC administration, in its arrogance and corruption, is not ready to listen to Nigerians; a situation that makes a legitimate action to draw their attention to the plight of the people most imperative,” the PDP said and berated President Buhari’s ministers for insulting the sensibilities of Nigerians by organizing a feasting retreat in the luxury of an air-conditioned room, where they engaged in deceptive self-praise for non-existent achievements while the government they serve has turned our nation to the capital poverty of the world and foisted the worst form of hardship on our citizens.


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