This is the face of the notorious former commander of one of the most dreaded police units in the whole of Nigeria – AWKUZU Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) – located in Anambra state. His name is CSP James Nwafor (rtd)

Between 2012 and 2016, hundreds of innocent youths were tortured, dehumanized and EXTRA-JUDICIALLY executed under CSP Nwafor’s watch.

If you are a young man living in Anambra state and you haven’t had an encounter with AWKUZU SARS, trust me, you are exceptionally lucky.

Under this man, innocent people were rounded up for no just cause and dumped in SARS cells with those whose family could afford hundreds of thousands of naira making it out alive while those with no money were SUMMARILY slaughtered.

Most times, your “offence” could just be walking on the road or even sitting comfortably in your own house when they come for their illegal raids. Students were not spared.

In a detailed research carried out by the Global Rights body – Amnesty International – in 2014 and 2016, AWKUZU SARS, under Nwafor, was described as the headquarters of human rights violations, particularly as it relates to torture, cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment and EXTRAJUDICIAL EXECUTIONS.

Please don’t take my words for it. Here is the Amnesty International report:

After series of petitions, this man was transferred but later brought back and transferred again.

Then, in 2018, after retiring from the Force, Governor Willie Obiano of Anambra state reportedly appointed CSP Nwafor as his special adviser on security despite serious protests from 17 human rights groups. Here, please read:

Today, ALL THANKS TO SOCIAL MEDIA, retired CSP Nwafor and the slaughter house called AWKUZU SARS are currently trending for “disappearing” a young man, one Mr. Chijioke years ago when he was in charge of AWKUZU SARS. Just type “CSP NWAFOR” or “AWKUZU SARS” on Twitter for gory details of the murderous activities of AWKUZU SARS under this man and even now).

Yesterday, I was informed that Csp Nwafor has been summoned to Abuja by the Nigeria Police Force for questioning. The National Human Right Commission (NHRC) is equally on the matter to ensure CSP Nwafor is held accountable.

My question to the Nigerian Police Force is, why is it difficult for you to see that this so called Special Anti-Robbery Squad has since metamorphosed to SPECIAL KILLER SQUAD, killing and maiming and terrorizing innocent Nigerians with impunity?

What will it take for the NPF to realize that almost all SARS units in the country are headed by cold-blooded uniformed murderers like this Nwafor? Must the Police always wait for a National social media outrage before acting on reports of the many acts of EXTRAJUDICIAL EXECUTIONS going on all over SARS units in the country?

And why did a Governor give a sensitive appointment to a man with PROVEN RECORD of EXTRAJUDICIAL EXECUTION of innocent youths?

Culled from grassroots network


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