A pregnant Nigerian woman has narrated how operatives of the Police unit known as Special Anti-Robbery Squad, SARS, broke her door with cutlass, arrested her while naked and were touching her private parts while taking her away.

The woman said she was arrested by SARS operatives on allegations that she was a prostitute, which she said was a lie.

She spoke to newsmen while being paraded by the Police, alongside other women, adding that the men of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad had stormed her house in the night while she was sleeping and broke the door and forcefully entered her apartment.

She said the operatives did not even have the decency to ask her to dress up but took her like that and began to touch her indecently while making fun of her body.

According to her, the allegations of prostitution leveled against her were lies, as she was involved in legitimate business of selling ladies bags in a popular Lagos market. She said she was a mother and was pregnant as at the time she was harassed and abused by the SARS officers.


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