Mike Sonko has dismissed President Uhuru Kenyatta’s remarks that he made him ascend to the plum seat of Nairobi governorship in the 2017 polls.

Uhuru stated in an interview with a vernacular station that he made Sonko the governor and initiated his impeachment over nonperformance.

However, while responding to the president’s remarks, the flamboyant politician in a statement on Monday, January 18, dismissed the claims insisting governors are not presidential appointees and that he was validly voted in by around one million Nairobians.

“For the record, it is not Uhuru Kenyatta who made me the Governor of Nairobi. I was validly elected by close to one million residents of Nairobi, garnering more votes than the President himself, and Governors are not Presidential appointees,” said Sonko.

The former Nairobi boss first called out Uhuru for addressing a section of Kenyans in his vernacular saying it was a gross violation of Article 131 (1) (e) of the Constitution of Kenya Development in Nairobi

The former Makadara lawmaker went ahead to dismiss Uhuru’s claims that he was impeached because of being unable to deliver to the Nairobians.

He insisted that his development track record speaks for itself not limited to timely garbage collection, roads and fire stations.

Sonko said his administration was doing so well before being disrupted by the head of state and his family over what he termed as a “political witch hunt” that culminated in his dismissal.

He said his administration was performing better than the national government and so, it was ridiculous for the Jubilee party leader to label him a non perfumer.


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