…Berates Suleiman over purchase of 3rd private jet during covid-19 lockdown

A Nigerian lawyer based in Japan, Emeka Akaolisa has described Apostle Johnson Suleiman of Omega Fire Ministries as a dubious man who is using his ‘speaking skill’ to defraud vulnerable members of his church of their hard-earned money and other resources in the name of God.

Bar. Akaolisa said Suleiman and others like him, who claim to be men of God, are nothing but deceivers, cashing on the ignorance of their listeners and religious faithful, to amass wealth for themselves while their victims, who are members of their church, wallow in ignorance and poverty.

The lawyer, who also holds a PhD in Theology, was reacting to Apostle Suleiman’s boast that he purchased his 3rd private jet in 2020, during the coronavirus-motivated lockdown.

In a YouTube video sent to African Community News (ACN) on Tuesday, Akaolisa who recorded a beautiful highway in a Japanese village, said it was shameful that the likes of Apostle Johnson Suleiman and other pastors claiming to be men of God are conniving with political leaders to deny the people of the good life they would have enjoyed while alive with their make-believe sermons of life after death while they, the pastors enjoy their loot.

Showing parts of the Japanese environment on his video, Bar. Akaolisa said he was recording a village, adding that his viewers would wonder In amazement if he was to show Japanese cities like Tokyo, Osaka and others.

According to Akaolisa, he and many others living in Japan receive money from the Japanese government during the lockdown as palliative from which he sent part to his relatives back home to buy food and medicine as palliatives during the lockdown and expressed sadness and shock that Apostle Suleiman who hails from Auchi in Edo State could be flouting wealth and boasting of buying 3rd private get when his people are suffering poverty, diseases and deprivation.

He mocked Apostle Suleiman who he described as lazy and ignorant for wearing multi-coloured suits, which he said speaks more of his backwardness.

He said- “My dear Apostle Suleiman, you bought the 1st, 2nd and 3rd private jets. The 3rd one you bought during the coronavirus pandemic when many people were dying. Pastor Suleiman, I want you to look around here. This is Japan, people that you say they don’t know God. Just take a look. You said you have three private jets but Auchi (where the pastor hails from), is one of dirtiest places in the world. You have three private jets, while Nigeria is one of the poorest countries on earth.

“Yet, you have mind to buy 1st, 2nd and 3rd private jets when people were dying during coronavirus. What is wrong with Nigeria? When will our mumu do? These men are just deceiving people. But see the people you call infidels, everything is orderly here. People obey the law, they fear God. They do not believe in our religion because they know the truth while you are brainwashing our people that they will go to heaven to enjoy what they are supposed to enjoy here,” he said.

According to Akaolisa, there are many millionaires and billionaires in Japan who made their money through enterprises and investment while employing many people, yet, he said those billionaires don’t buy private jets like Nigerian pastors who he said are lazy crooks.

He berated Nigerians and their religion for seeing serious people as unbelievers while running to the same people for help.

“You people are deceiving yourselves with your religion when you run to Japan and others for loan. There is no oil in Japan, there is no grass here. But they have everything,” he said.

He described Apostle Johnson Suleiman as a clown who wears suits of many colours and therefore an unserious fraud.



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