The Bauchi State Governor, Bala Mohammed has begged Fulani herdsmen not to carry AK-47 rifles or other dangerous weapons.

He made the appeal on Wednesday while speaking at the launch of the 2020/2021 annual livestock vaccination campaign held at the Galambi Cattle Ranch, Bauchi.

He said- “What I will do, I will not say it here, but I will do everything possible to make sure I protect you and lend support to you because I know you mean well.

“Through time and history, you have been seen to be cajoled, and lampooned but you remained humane, you remained simple, you don’t show so much aggression and of course, that humility is always what we recognized and this is what a character that should always try to show.

“Please, don’t carry the AK-47 that I made a figurative allusion to. Try to make sure that you remain peaceful.”

The governor has come under intense criticism ever since he made a comment which tends to support Fulani herdsmen to carry arms.


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