China this Thursday morning said it has eliminated extreme poverty among its citizens and is on its way to consolidate gains made, in the next few years.
Chinese President, Xi Jinping stated this while leading a ceremony highlighting Beijing’s efforts to empower the country’s nearly 1.5 billion people.
China’s population as at the end of 2020 stood at 1,439,323,776, according to United Nations data. The population is equivalent to 18.47% of the total world population.
President Xi handed out awards to individuals involved said to be involved in efforts to reposition the county. The event took place at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing was televised live.
Xi has made fighting poverty one of his main goals since becoming leader of the ruling Communist Party in late 2012. The party is expected to soon declare victory in building a “moderately prosperous” society, which would elevate living standards and bolster its legitimacy.


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