British monarch, Queen Elizabeth 11 lobbied the government to make a change to an upcoming piece of legislation in order to protect her family wealth.

Documents show that the Queen did that, using a parliamentary procedure called the Queen’s consent which helped her stop the publication of her true wealth after ministers included a clause in the Companies Bill.

Report today- Monday, by Daily Express, revealed that the Queen did that through her private lawyer, Matthew Farrer,

“The Queen’s consent must be sought before any legislation is brought before Parliament when it relates to private interests of the Crown or may impact the royal prerogative.

“Drawn up in 1973, the new clause granted the Government the power to exempt companies used by heads of state from new transparency measures,” the report stated.

It added that Farrer had met with civil servants at the then Department of Trade and Industry to discuss the proposed legislation, saying that the lawyer spoke to a civil servant named CM Drukker, on November 9.


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