After separating from two previous marriages, entertainer and social media personality, Kim Kardashian has filed for divorce from Kanye West, as confirmed by her representative on Friday.

This would the third time Kardashian would be separating from men after engaging in formal marriage with them. She and West were longtime friends before they began dating in 2012, soon after Kardashian separated from her second husband, former NBA player Kris Humphries. In 2015.

The couple, who share four children, married in 2014, after two years of dating but rumors of Kardashian, 40, and West, 43, splitting up have circulated in recent weeks, following a tumultuous year for the couple.

West was the first to hint of divorce when on July 4, 2020, he announced that Kardashian had been trying to get him medical attention, and that he intended to divorce her.

Kardashian said via her Instagram Story and “requested for compassion and empathy,” for her husband, noting that family members can be “powerless” in their efforts to get help for someone who isn’t a minor.

She said- “I understand Kanye is subject to criticism because he is a public figure and his actions at times can cause strong opinions and emotions.

“He is a brilliant but complicated person who on top of the pressures of being an artist and a black man, who experienced the painful loss of his mother … has to deal with the pressure and isolation that is heightened by his bi-polar disorder.”


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