The solution to the high level of insecurity in Nigeria would be a thing of the past if every eligible citizen is allowed to carry arms and protect themselves.

This was the position of Taraba State Governor, Darius Ishaku while asking the Federal government to allow Nigerians to carry licensed guns to defend themselves against kidnappers, militia and other violent criminals terrorizing the country.

The governor who was speaking after receiving the 15 local government chairmen of the state in his office, said the Federal government has to strategise in order to curtail the level of insecurity in the country as doing the same thing and expecting different result is a mirage.

He said- “The security in this country has gone to the lowest ebb and we have to all wake-up. We as leaders have given our advice severally as to the change to the security architecture, but the Federal government cannot keep doing the same thing over and over and expect a different result.

“If we cannot be able to provide security for our citizens, then allow all the citizens to buy AK-47 because if everybody is licensed with AK-47, nobody will have the guts to invade any home.

“In a situation where we are all gagged with one security system that has been unable to work, and we are told to sit down and be counting the day our turn will come, I honestly do not agree with it,” he said.


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