The second attempt to impeach former US president Donald Trump by the country’s senate is expected to be carried out with a sense of urgency and would be done speedily.

The trial opens tomorrow. Democrats who want to hold the former president accountable for the violent U.S. Capitol siege and Republicans who want the matter put behind, all want it done without delay.

The proceedings are expected to diverge from the lengthy, complicated trial that resulted in Trump’s acquittal a year ago on charges that he privately pressured Ukraine to dig up dirt on a Democratic rival, Joe Biden, now the president.

Indications from media reports says this time, Trump’s Jan. 6 rally cry to “fight like hell” and the storming of the Capitol played out for the world to see. While Trump very well could be acquitted again, the trial could be over in half the time.

Details of the proceedings are still being negotiated by the Senate leaders, with the duration of opening arguments, senators’ questions and deliberations all up for debate.

So far, it appears there will be few witnesses called, as the prosecutors and defense attorneys speak directly to senators who have been sworn to deliver “impartial justice” as jurors.


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