A 28-year-old woman, Kimberly Monick Ebohon Ganitato is frantically searching for her biological father whom she said is a Nigerian.

According to Kimberly who was born in Norte Philippine, her father’s name is Andrew Joseph Ida Ebohon, a Researcher and Missionary while her mother’s name is Virginia Sarian Ebohon.

Kimberly disclosed her mission through the social media where she posted the following details:

“Hello to everyone. My name is Kimberly Monick Ebohon and I’m looking for my Nigerian Father, I don’t know much about him. His name is Andrew Joseph Ida Ebohon, and he’s from Nigeria and working as Researcher and Missionary,

“I was born on April 24, 1992 at Brgy 35 Bil-loca,Batac City Province of Ilocos Norte Philippines, and my mom name is Virginia Sarian Ebohon.

“I’m already 28 but I’m still hoping to find him. Hope you can help me to find him, thank you and God Bless you. Kimberly Monick Ebohon Ganitato.”


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