Russia says U.S. President Joe Biden must apologise and take back “boorish” allegations that Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin is a killer.

This was disclosed in a report by Bloomberg a few hours ago, quoting a top Russian official said, a day after Moscow recalled its ambassador in protest.

Konstantin Kosachyov, deputy speaker of Russia’s upper house of parliament, wrote on Facebook Thursday, saying it was a watershed in the relationship between the two countries, adding that it was “unacceptable in any circumstances”

The diplomatic crisis between Russia and US was triggered following Biden’s comments, recorded Tuesday, when a U.S. intelligence community reported that Putin ordered influence operations to hurt his candidacy in the 2020 election, favoring former President Donald Trump.

The report also had it that Putin did same in 2016 against then-Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

But Russia has denied allegations it interfered in US elections.


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