Dangote Sugar Refinery (DSR) PLC says it did not engage in price fixing as alleged in some publications, adding that allegations that it is not honestly engaged in any Backward Integration Programme as claimed was equally false.

In a statement, DSR said it vehemently refutes the allegations and assertions in their entirety as the false allegations are geared at tarnishing the good name and brand of Dangote Sugar Refinery Plc and Dangote Industries Limited.

“DSR does not engage in artificial price manipulation of its products, either during the Holy month of Ramadan or at any other time. We have never ever increased price of our food items or commodities during the Holy month of Ramadan in the history of our operations.

The statement signed by the company’s Group Managing Director, Mr. Ravindra Singhvi, has it that DSR is socially responsible and considers price-fixing to be unethical. Such allegation is highly mischievous and a calculated attempt to smear the reputation of DSR. DSR can only sadly conclude that the online publication is mischievous and geared at creating some form of undue advantage to some Industry players.


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