A Nigerian journalist has returned the sum of USD3,000 he found in a parcel behind a patrol station in Gombe, capital of Gombe state.

The journalist, Abdulkadir Aliyu Shehu works with Progress FM, a privately owned radio station in Gombe.

According to a Facebook post today, Saturday, May 1, 2021, the parcel was either forgotten or concealed by a yet-to-be identified person behind Matrix filling station, in Tunfure area of the city.

USD3,000 is equivalent to One Million, Four Hundred and Forty Thousand Naira (N1,440,000) in Nigeria as one US Dollar currently exchanges for N448.

Nigeria is currently facing very harsh economic condition that is having drastic consequences in the life of its citizens. Due to the value of the Nigerian Naira and consequent inflation currently above 17 percent, salaries paid to workers in Nigeria hardly meet their needs as cost of food and other necessities are far beyond the reach of an average citizen.

In Nigeria, most people working with private establishments receive peanuts as take-home pay at the end of the month. Most times, private companies owe salaries for months.

Nigerian journalists are some of the least paid in the country. Those working with privately owned media organisations are the worst for it as many of them are paid less than the country’s minimum wage of N30,000 per month.

It therefore takes a lot of courage and fear of God for a poorly paid journalist working with a relatively unknown private radio to return USD3,000 he found in a parcel behind a petrol station.

African Community News therefore commend the Nigerian journalist, Abdulkadir Aliyu Shehu, for showing courage in the midst of despair.


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