Her name is Janet Asibi, also known as ‘Ama Val.’ She was posted to Nsoatre SDA primary school situated at Bono Region of Ghana, West Africa.

In the school, she came to the realization that many pupils in the community school do not have school uniform while others wore torn clothes.

Then she took a decision to help.


With one sewing machine at her disposal, Ama Val made school uniforms for children in different schools in the community, bring joy to them and their poor parents who now see her as a heroine in the town.

During an interview with a local radio station in the town, she said- “This disheartening development of seeing these young ones whom we refer to as future leaders walk to school in torn clothes compelled me to put my skills in sewing to use.”

According to her, she considered it an obligation to find solution to the problem, knowing that it would cost not too much since she already had the skill to sew.

She stated further that it cost her 50 Ghana Cedis and sometimes less depending on the school to make a school uniform per child.

Ama Val carries out the project successfully through partnering with another seamstress whom she pays.

She engages her service in order not to overburden herself as a teacher as she said her dream is to expand the project dubbed “One Student; One School Uniform” to other affected students in other schools in Ghana.


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