Russian President Vladimir Putin has expressed satisfaction with the outcome of the meeting he had with US President Joe Biden, describing it as constructive.

Putin stated this while speaking to newsmen after the meeting that held in Geneva Switzerland on Wednesday. He said that progress was made on a number of international political issues.

Asked whether the two nations’ respective ambassadors would be returned to their posts after months of top-tier diplomatic contacts being effectively cut off amid escalating tensions, Putin revealed that an agreement had been reached. The envoys, he said, could be back in place as early as this week.

Putin added that the conversation was “constructive” and that it was not overshadowed by major questions of domestic politics. “I don’t think there was any kind of hostility,” he added, saying that there had been important discussions on collaboration in the Arctic region.

The President also described Biden as a “statesman,” saying that he was a “seasoned politician” and had approached the discussions in a positive way.

He said- “I saw for myself that Mr. Biden is a very experienced person. You don’t have such long conversations with every leader.”


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