A prominent Nigerian cleric, retired Archbishop Ayo Ladigbolu has said that being a devout Christian can not separate him from his culture and tradition.

Ladigbolu made the assertions on Saturday in Oyo, while speaking with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on his involvement in the promotion of Yoruba culture.

He described himself as a product of culture, the reason therefore why  is involved in its promotion.

Ladigbolu, also a Prince of Oyo Kingdom, said: “As products of our culture, we are who we are, what we are, what we eat, what we speak, where we go and where we live.

“All these are because of our culture. Our culture determines all these.

“We are all products of our culture and religion is just one aspect of human culture.”

He said that most of the world global cultures appreciated the part that religion played in the development and sustenance of human culture generally.

“So, if I am a Christian and an Archbishop, it does not separate me from my culture of being an Oyo Prince, it does not separate me from my culture of growing up in the palace.

“From my culture of knowing how to sing Yoruba songs, how to dance to Yoruba music, and how to even understand the words of God from the perspective of a Yoruba man.

“So, I am involved in anything culture in Yorubaland and Nigeria, because it is an obligation,” the archbishop said.

Ladigbolu said that, as a Yoruba man, he should be able to use his knowledge, influence and understanding of life to promote Yoruba culture.

“Yoruba culture is wholesome, rich, vibrant and productive. It should be promoted to show the best aspect of it to the world.

“So, my involvement in cultural issues is based on the fact that I am a property of culture.

“And, I should be able to use my knowledge, influence and understanding of life to promote my culture.

“The totality of Yoruba culture is wholesome and it is productive. The Yoruba culture rich and vibrant belongs to us. We should promote it and show the best aspect to the world,” the archbishop said.


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