….The origin of leadership failure in modern times (Mark 6:22-27).

By Dr. James Komolafe

Have you wondered why so many things are going the wrong way in the society? The family setting; the home arrangement and management has been at the centre of it all. It is the absence of the corporate value system. All that a home stands to present and represent as virtues and holds so dear in sights and sounds as a unique entity is the corporate value.
As the basic unit of the society, where the corporate value of the family is out of order, the leadership quotient in the public fora will be inappropriate. The Herodias family was a leadership failure from home; it was a recipe for leadership disaster in the public place. Parents, it is high time we grow the home, correct anomalies as we restore corporate value system. Remember, what is framed at home produces the fire at the office. There is always a family infrastructure to help curb the indices for societal leadership failure. May the LORD intervene in our homes in the name of Jesus Christ.

10 indices of leadership failure from home.
1. The absence of vision; where there is no vision, the people perish. How visible is your vision statement for your home? A picture of the home you want to see and build from the scripture as a project for now and the future. It must also be accessible, accommodating and should engage every member of your family. Your home will not perish in Jesus name.
Question; How plain is the vision of your home towards itself and others? Score……

2. Absence of a concise mission statement; Herod family had no mission statement.It was just anything the king said. While vision tells you what you can see, where you are going, the mission statement tells you how to get there.
Question; How well is every member of your family as a leader understands your drive and the family motivation? Score…..
Remember, when people don’t know how, then every road leads there.
3. Inaccurate public perception; every leader must be able to design what the image should be from the outside of the family that is most attractive, accommodating in the immediate, intermediate and the long-run.
Question; As a stakeholder of the home, how well is this picture you are trying to paint known to every member of the family and seen from the outside as that.

4. Poor value creation dynamics; every home especially that of a leader is not only for fun, it’s also for fulfilment; is not only for pride but for production.
Question: Have you asked yourself as the head of the home what value you are bringing to every member of the family that is gaining attraction, benefiting others on a compelling note? Score…….

5. Accommodation; It was so clear that the home of the Herodias was not the accommodating type. Where was the Herodias when her daughter danced so well.
Question; How friendly is your home to members as well as non members without restriction?

6. Efficiency; many homes today are not efficient in handling human and material resources. Have you asked yourself as a leader from home, how well you have been able to curtail waste and maximize the benefit to every member of the family? For Herod, the king, it was the survival of the fittest. Herodias was on her own, her daughter on her own while Herod was on his own as well. No effective coordination and communication
Question; How efficient is your leadership capacity from home to curtail waste and maximize the members’ benefit?
7. Evaluation; in a home where everybody does anything without the checks and balances, feedback mechanisms, would yield Herod’s result. At the height of celebration was a very drastic fatal outcome. This is simply due to lack of proper evaluation metrics in the family. When it is bad at home, leaders should know it’s a likelihood to be bad at the public place.
Question; How well do you practice fair dealings, monitoring and evaluation of abilities whether towards the home or from the home? Score…..
8. Performance; it is not ‘one- size- fits-it -all’ in all families…but to say the least, every home needs to set up certain task for which performance is required from everybody. Herod’s family lacks that and even when Herodias daughter had opportunity, it was abused by her mother. So dear leaders at home, how well do you create the enabling environment within the ambit of the home for everybody performance ? Score………

9. Improper strengthening of ties; the cord of affection for communication and interventions in crises must be adequately channelled. There was no such tie in Herod’s family. When we don’t strengthen the ties at the home front, then we would fail in the public fora of leadership.
Question; how well are you strengthening the ties in the family across everyone? Score.
10. Responsibility; These are the days leaders from homes hardly accept or own up to responsibilities. The blame game seems to be the order of the day. The gaps and the lapses and other misfits were never detected and fixed in Herod’s family.Herodias daughter fell for it and Herodias have had to sacrifice the destiny of her daughter just because of sheer irresponsibility.
Question; How well are you as a leader from home ensuring responsibility and accepting it where it matters over the failure and success at home? Score……

Action Point
When it is bad from the home in leadership, you can as well expect bad governance in the public fora. Behind the state of violence and behavioral deficiencies we are having in the society, is the bad leadership at home. Dear leader, how organized is your family? if you cannot manage your family the bible says you are worse than an infidel. lt is time to rejig our leadership development strategy as we turn the searchlight inward. May God heal our homes and restore wholeness in Jesus name.
You know what! God cares so much for the home.
God bless your day
Pastor(Dr) James Komolafe
Excellence in lifestyle and optimal productivity; my utmost concern.


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