It was a long night of horror and fear as passengers traveling to Kaduna from Abuja inside train spent over six hours in the middle of nowhere when the train developed fault following an explosion on the engine

The train which left Idu terminal at about 6pm Wednesday, was about 40 kilometres to Kaduna when the ugly incident happened, leaving passengers in a state of panic for over six hours on that dangerous route invested by bandits.

According to sources, the Regional Editor of News Express Garba Muhammad was among passengers in the train when the unfortunate occured.

It was gathered that the train developed fault around 8pm after a loud sound from the engine which forced it to stop.

One of the sources was quoted to have said- “We heard a loud sound from the locomotive engine, then the train gradually came to abrupt halt.”

There was pandemonium from passengers when the security men in the VIP coaches shouted for all to take cover after the loud sound, thinking the train was under attack.

Lights and the air conditioning systems immediately went off, leaving passengers in the heat and darkness.

Garba Muhammad was also quoted to have said that- “Policemen in the VIP coaches shouted to us to get down when we heard the loud bang. We all fell over each other, while some ran to other coaches, thinking that the train was under attack.”

The panic-stricken passengers were thereafter left in the middle of the bush that thick night, afraid of possible attack by bandits.

Another engine came around 12:15am and pushed the immobilised train to Rigasa, Kaduna – a short distance that took additional two hours with frequent stops and slow movements.

“There were no comments from officials in the train as to what caused the problem and why it took over four hours for another engine to come to the rescue,” one disappointed passenger lamented.







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