South African security agencies have uncovered and confiscated an arms cache containing more than 1 500 rounds of ammunition and several firearms.

Early Tuesday, officers attached to the Law Enforcement Advancement Plan confiscated a cache of weapons in Belhar. The officers recovered eight firearms, two rifles, three silencers and 1 574 rounds of live ammunition, said law enforcement spokesperson Wayne Dyason.

The firearms are suspected of being linked to gang activity in the area.

“The Strategic Information Management System received an anonymous telephonic tip-off of a location where firearms and ammunition are being stored for gangs. A team proceeded to the location, where they spread out and searched the area,” said Dyason.

During the search, officers found a blue bag and a black box that were placed in front of a sewage drain, which contained the weapons.

The guns and ammunition were booked in at Belhar police station for processing, said Dyason.

“Each weapon we remove is a potential robbery or hijacking averted and possibly a life saved. The officers are commended for their dedication in taking dangerous and illegal weapons off our street,” he added.





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