US President, Joe Biden said he would run for re-election if he was “in good health” and that he believed “fate” would help bring him a second term.

He added that the prospect of running for the election in 2024 would be higher if the Republican Party elects former president Donald Trump as their candidate for the election.

Biden, 79, made stated these in an interview with ABC News.

He said- ‘That’s not a plan — it’s a hope.

“If I’m in the health I’m in now — I’m in good health — then, in fact, I would run again,” Biden said.

“I’m a great respecter of fate. Fate has intervened in my life many, many times.”

Biden also said a rematch against his 2020 rival would make him more likely to run.

“You’re trying to tempt me now. Sure. Why would I not run against Donald Trump if he were the nominee? That would increase the prospect of running,” the Democrat said.

Trump, who is 75, would also be in his 80s in the White House if he won a second non-consecutive term.

Biden also said the US response to the Omicron variant surge was not a “failure,” but regretted not ordering millions of free rapid tests for Americans “two months ago.”

Biden was grilled by Muir on the lack of availability of tests in the days before Christmas, a year into his presidency and two years into the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Nothing’s been good enough,” he conceded. “But look, look where we are. When last Christmas, we were in a situation where we had significantly fewer vaccinated — people vaccinated, emergency rooms were filled. You had serious backups in hospitals that were causing great difficulties.”

Biden, who announced plans Tuesday to purchase 500 million at-home tests and give them out for free next month, said the administration should have been better prepared to combat the highly transmissible variant and the long lines at testing centers and empty pharmacy shelves.

“I wish I had thought about ordering” the tests “two months ago,” he told Muir.

“I don’t think it’s a failure,” Biden said of the response. “I think it’s — you could argue that we should have known a year ago, six months ago, two months ago, a month ago,” he said.



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