An American medical doctor, Odinakachukwu Idada is making frantic efforts to reconnect with a Nigerian of Igbo extraction, Richard Orji who she said is her biological father.

The beautiful lady who took to the social media to announce her situation said she  was born in March 1989 in North Carolina USA, after her mother met Orji while she was attending the University of Ibadan.

The 32 year old is a Certified of Physician Assistant in Chapel Hill North Carolina, USA.

Read below her public announcement she posted:

‘’Please Help Me Find My Dad

My name is Odinakachukwu Idada.

I am an American of Nigerian Heritage in search of my father. I was born in North Carolina, US in March 1989. My family has told me that my father is called Richard Orji. He is from Enugu state. He and my mother met while attending the University of Ibadan. I have had no contact whatsoever with him since I was born. I would like to find him if it his desire to be found. Please, if there is anyone who knows anything about him or has a way to get in touch with him I will appreciate if they reach out to me via commenting on this post. Thank you”.- Odinakachukwu Idada.


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