Each of the 13 children of late reggae icon, Bunny Wailer has been directed to undergo a DNA test to ascertain their true paternity before they can have access to what the legend left for them in his will.

The Jamaican musician died on March 2, this year, 2021 at the age of 73 and was said to worth $1.5M at the time of his death.

The condition was handed down by Donna Livingston-Carridice, the sister of the late Bunny Wailer.

She said it was an is appeal to them, aimed at establishing their paternity and ‘access the benefits set out in their father’s will.’

Livingston-Carridice also claims that the late singer’s children have been harassing the family of the eldest co-executor of Wailer’s estate, Carlton Livingston.

She said- “The kids have launched a full-fledged attack on Carl’s wife and we, the elder members of the Livingston family, cannot allow this to continue. That is why we’re making an appeal to all of Jah B’s kids to do a DNA test so that they can establish paternity and gain the benefits of their father’s estate. There is no need to harass Carl or his wife.”

He continued- “When the will was entered into court, Abijah’s [Bunny Wailer’s son and co-executor] lawyer requested the will saying they had an issue. They held the original will for a few months but the will went back to court because they had no justification to hold on to it this long. Since the will has returned to court, Abijah now wants the family to come together and discuss things but it is before the courts, there will be no more discussions. Respect your father’s will, and wishes. Just do your DNA,” Mrs. Livingston-Carridice, Jah B’s youngest sister, said.

The will listed the 13 children by name as beneficiaries, and which made a further provision for any other child to come forward to establish “paternity but according to Livingston-Carridice, “As established under the will, any children under 18, the estate will provide for them until they become 18, but Bunny wanted the DNA to be done. Even if they’re listed in the will, it is ordered that you take a DNA, go take the DNA and establish paternity and then you can access the benefits as set out in the will.”

Livingston-Carridice directed all the children, who wish to take the DNA test to go to the DNA Carigen Lab in New Kingston with a passport-size photo. The cost of the test is $43,000.

“Or you can send the kit to a doctor or a lab willing to take the sample. You are responsible for paying the lab fee, the doctor and FedEx to get the sample to Carigen,” she said.

Mrs. Livingston-Carridice also she is upset that there has been an attempt to challenge the late singer’s wishes.

“Bunny set his will in motion and the two were to come together to honour that, Carlton Livingston and his son, Abijah. But they failed to do that, so the law has to take its course,” she said.

She complained bitterly about the family squabbling since her brother’s death which threatened to tear the family apart.

“Because of the conflict, the issues that Abijah has brought to Jah B’s estate and the shame and disrespect to his eldest uncle who raised him, and his uncle Donald Livingston and his auntie, my two brothers did not attend the funeral because of the death threats. I had to have a licensed soldier to escort me to my brother’s funeral.”



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