The biological father of an American medical doctor, Odinakachukwu Idaba who has been frantically making efforts to reconnect with her roots have been identified.

He is Professor Richard Okey Orji and he lives in GRA Enugu, Enugu state.

In response to a story on the whereabouts of the father of Odinakachukwu, published by African Community News, ACN, Wednesday, a concerned citizen, Solomon Nduka posted on IGBO UNION platform that the lady’s father has been identified after he forwarded report on the matter of Enugu Forum in Lagos.

African Community News had also forwarded the story to the President General of Ohaneze Ndigbo, Prof. George Obiozor and was waiting his reaction before the good news came from Mr. Solomon Nduka.

Solomon Nduka wrote- ‘I forwarded the the message yesterday to the chairman of Enugu State Forum in Ojo and by this afternoon he sent me the above message.”

The message reads:

“This lady’s father has already been identified.”


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