The management of GBETU TV, an online broadcasting platform, has apologised Dr. Godwin Maduka, one of the frontrunners in the November 6 Anambra state governorship election which.was won by former governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Prof. Chukwuma Soludo.

The online TV Channel had recently carried a story titled, HOW ANAMBRA REJECTED DR MADUKA which was said to have contained malicious false innuendos as well as intended to tarnish the image of the US billionaire and said to be one the best pain medical doctors.

In a publication titled “A DISCLAIMER AND PUBLIC APOLOGY ON ARTICLE PUBLISHED AGAINST DR GODWIN MADUKA, which African Community News obtained, the editorial team of GbetuTV said it sincerely tenders an unreserved apology to Dr. Godwin Maduka, describing him as a man whose milk of human kindness runs deep.

The editorial board said- “He is a man we have tremendous respect for because his reputation precedes him, and that explains the reason we were already profiling his towering image long before him running for Governorship.

“Flowing from the above, we feel it was a serious oversight on our part to have published article authored against the person of Dr Godwin Maduka and his values. We have conducted investigation on the said article and based on our findings, the contents of the article are fallacious and grotesque in its entirety and a deliberate attempt to assassinate his character by political enemies.

“As credible people in the industry, we owe the world the truth at this time and deem it our responsibility and a service to conscience too, to absolve a man who is innocent of every false accusation contained in that write up.

“Even though we have spoken with him privately to tender our apologies for being willing tool in the hands of mischief makers which led to the publication of that misleading article; we feel it is equally our duty and responsibility to go public, debunk that article and set the facts straight. It is the least we can do at this point.

“We equally use this opportunity to render a public apology for not just lending our platform for misinformation and mudslinging but also for failing the public by publishing this tissue of lies without making a proper investigation into the veracity of the claims, an important tenet of our job as Journalists. We equally apologize to any other person who may have been affected by this publication – family, friends, colleagues.

“Let us at this juncture assure our readers that going forward, dirty, reprehensible and unprofessional practice will be seriously frowned at. We reiterate that nothing which was stated in the write up happened and we have proof and evidence to support our assertion.

“We have since pulled down the write up after our rigorous investigation; hence we have offered to put up this disclaimer to tender our apologies as well as to exonerate Dr. Godwin Maduka from all the malicious accusations. This is a grave mistake on our part and a serious indictment on our professionalism. The truth is, all news and articles should be weighed on the altar of truth and not on sensationalism.

“he triple professor is a good man and he shouldn’t be hit this cheap. We deeply regret the damages, even as we rededicate ourselves to the ideals of true and professional journalism,” the editorial board stated.







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