Michael Kashamu, the son of the late controversial politician, Senator Buruji Kashamu and five other students have been named as those that tortured Sylvester Oromoni, to death.

Apart from Michael Kashamu, the others are Angel Tenile, Favour Benjamin, Edward Brown and Agboro Emmanuel, all of them, fellow student of Dowen College, Lekki, Lagos.

The late student was said to have mentioned the name of the six students to the hearing of his parents, before he died in the hospital.

While struggling admist pain, and at the prompting of his parents, he was tortured by the six students who have been forcing him to join a cult group the belong but he refused.

He told his mother and father, that the students locked him up inside cupboard for two days without food and tortured him to near death before releasing him.

According to the parents, they received a phone call from the school from an official who told them that their son was injured after a long jump during sports. However, on getting to the school, they saw that Sylvester was at the point of death which prompted them to rush him to hospital where he managed to tell them his ugly experiences before succumbing to death

His death became public knowledge after a family member, identified as Perri, posted about the incident on social media.

He noted that Oromoni suffered internal injuries afterwards, and died while receiving treatment in a hospital.

He said- “This is my 12 years old cousin that was beaten to death at a school that cost over N1m. They tried to put him in a cult, he refused and they killed him. Secondary school o.

“He refused to blend and they literally beat him to death; it’s a boarding school in Lagos. They called my uncle that he wasn’t well, so he went there, took him and admitted him to a hospital in Warri. That’s where he passed on, but confessed that they tried blending him into a cult. Dowen College is a disgrace. He mentioned five names before passing on yesterday.

“They called my uncle that he got injured playing football. Reaching the hospital, it was confirmed that he was bullied and beaten up, causing internal damages,” he wrote.

But a member of the school management, told reporters that the victim only complained of leg pain before his parents picked him from the school.



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