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A combination of officials of the FCTA, Police, VIO, others yesterday, Thursday, December 16, 2021, crushed nearly 1,500 motorcycles at a public ‘ceremony,’ in Abuja.
According to the Police and VIO, the owners or riders violetted rules and also use the motorcycles to commit crime.

You proudly crushed 1,500 motorcycles because their riders violated rules and put that huge population out of jobs as well as deny them their means of livelihood, including their dependants.

The price of motorcycles range between 350k to 230k. If we put it at average of 250k, you crushed N370M and ended the means of livelihood for the 1,500 riders or owners. Is that leadership?

Why do we complain of insecurity when leaders brazenly destroy the means of livelihood for poor citizens?

Have we not heard that the rich can never have peace when the poor are hungry?

The easiest way to control all these minor infractions by the hungry poor is through effective regulation, not senseless and brazen impunity. In almost all states in Nigeria, what you hear is ban Okada, ban Keke, ban this, ban that. How can you ban someone’s means of livelihood without providing alternatives? You ban and ban because you shamelessly cannot think of effective regulation strategies. You are lazy to think.

What you need to do as a leader is simple- Insist that all commercial motorcycles must be registered. Input all the details of the motorcycles, riders, sureties, contacts in your data base and install microchip trackers on the machine. If anyone commits crime, seize the motorcycle, impose appropriate sanction; and they pay, release the machine.

But corruption will not let us make use of technology to regulate the society. So we ban and destroy.

According to Mr Wadata, the FCT head of VIO while supervising the crushing of the motorcycles, the 1,500 were arrested between January and June this year. He said 600 more would be crushed when the authorities get the go ahead.

A leader is judged by what he built and not what he destroyed, because it is easy to destroy than to build.

Every human being is entitled to seek basic things of life- shelter, food, clothes, drink and others.
If you destroy someone’s hard-fought means of livelihood, what do you expect him/her to do?

We at African Community News therefore call on President Muhammadu Buhari and all the relevant Federal Agencies to call the overzealous states and FCTA administration to order over the recklessness with which they destroy the means of livelihood of poor and vulnerable citizens and in the process, instigate more people to go into crimes


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