Many federal civil servants were today shutout of the federal secretariat Abuja as the government begins full implementation of covid-19 guidelines.

The government had last week announced that officers on grade level 12 and below should return from the nearly 20-month stay at home due to the pandemic.

The government however said returnees must show evidence of their covid-19 vaccination or results that show they don’t have the virus.

There was however a massive turn up of the workers at all the three phases of the Federal Civil Service Complex Wednesday morning.

But scores of them were shut out for failing to present evidence of COVID-19 vaccination or negative COVID-19 PCR test result done within 72 hours.

The commotion at the secretariat followed the new Vaccine Mandate Policy which came into effect Wednesday.

However, union leaders in the Office of the Head of Service went into discussions with the top civil service management on how to allow the workers in.

The President Joint Unions Negotiating Team Office of Head of Service, Comrade Uzo Ekediachi addressed the workers Wednesday.




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