Fighters of a separatist group from English speaking part of Cameroon seeking an independent country set off improvised explosives device (IED) in the town of Limbs, a city hosting the 2022 African Cup of Nations (AFCON).

The group want a separate country which they call Abazonia

Nigeria is expected to be a key participant at the event.

Police said no one was injured in the explosion which rocked the city on Thursday.

Some of the countries that will take part in the event includeTunisia, Mali, Mauritania and Gambia.

The armed insurgents had launched a tirade of warnings on the social media of plans to disrupt AFCON.

It described the latest attack as “a warning sign of what we will do during AFCON,” and said they do not want AFCON matches to take place in a region “at war”.

Cameroon army has deployed additional ammunitions and troops to the region who undertake routine day and night patrols.


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